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Männer – Men

Posted by Clau - September 3, 2007

Männer sind immer wieder ein beliebtes Thema. Ob nun Männer aus dem Freundeskreis oder der Verwandschaft, oder berühmte Persönlichkeiten, oder einfach nur eine faszinierende Person, ob dick oder dünn, alt oder jung: Zeigt uns eure Männer!

Men always are a popular theme. Whether men from your circle of friends, or relatives, or celebrities or just a fascinating character, whether thick or thin, old or young: Show us your men!



75 Antworten to “Männer – Men”

  1. Clau said

    Hello everybody,
    Let’s see lots of men this week. Here’s my entry:
    Have a great week

  2. Mandy said

    here’s my contribution….

  3. Ariane said

    Ich habs heute auch wieder mal geschafft…

  4. leni said


    lg leni

  5. Angelika said

    Hier my entry for this week:

    Thanks for looking.

  6. Hier mijn inzending voor deze week :
    Bedankt voor het kijken ;o)

  7. Sija said

    Great theme again. Here is what I made with it:


  8. Love the theme. I selected actual family members to make my ATC’s with…

    thanks for the challenge! 🙂

  9. Gisele said

    For once I’m early, here’s my entry for this week 🙂

  10. Sanny said

    This is my entry for this week!

  11. Kelly B said

    here is my „man“ entry“

  12. Barbara said

    Now I would like to have a stylish Man like this.

  13. mandyb. said

    und hier kommt mein beitrag

    LG mandy

  14. fatmasplace said


    da die besten schmuckstücke bei mir zu hause sind, hab ich für euch ein paar ganz besondere ausgewählt;)

    lg fatma

  15. Susann said

    Hallo zusammen:-)

    Hier kommt mein Beitrag für diese Woche…ein sehr beschäftigter Man!

    Hello all together:-)
    Here is my entry for the week…a very busy man!

    No Time at all

  16. Rein said

    Ein klasse Thema!

    Hier ist mein Beitrag:

  17. Kirsi said

    Here is my man:

  18. Here are my Medieval Jousting men.

    Thank you for looking at my blog

    Love Cynthia x

  19. deb said

    Here is my ‚men‘ ATC

  20. Kelly B said

    just had to make one more for this great theme!

  21. danisart said

    Hi girls

    here is my man

    greetings Dani D

  22. A Movie icon in his time, suave and debonnair…to view:

    Hugs, Gayle

  23. alice k. said

    Men as exhibits!
    exhibit A

  24. alice k. said

    Thank you Godelieve for yout excellent step/by/step tutorial for getting straight links!
    In case you guys have missed it, click here:
    link in your comment tutorial

    And thanks for the great challenge, again!

  25. alice k. said

    Oops, not as easy as it seems! Previous link goes nowhere, sorry!
    Here the coventional one:

  26. Hello!!!

    This is my entry for this week:

    Hope you like it!!!

    Nancy Dooren

  27. Klaartje said


    Here’s my entry for this week:


  28. Ros said

    My goodness – everyone is speedy this week! Here’s my version of a hunk!

  29. Hello !
    I love this theme !
    Here is my entry

  30. Paula said

    Another really good challenge, I used images of my own family.

  31. Barbara said

    Drei starke Männer!

  32. Myriame said

    Und hier ist meine beitrage.

  33. Here is my contribution for this week:

    LG Petra.

  34. Harriet said

    Lovely theme again!

    Have fun,


  35. Mijn bijdrage:

  36. Angelina said

    Men… Well here’s my entry…

    Till next week!

    Angelina =)

  37. anne said

    Here is mine!!

  38. Wanda H said

    Got mine done :-))

  39. Audrey Meijs said

    Here`s my entry!

  40. Claudia said

    Hier mein Beitrag für diese Woche.

  41. Willy said

    Here is my ATC for this week:


  42. my sample of the week men 🙂
    have a nice week

  43. Mein Beitrag für diese Woche.

  44. Tanja said

    Endlich bin ich auch wieder dabei.
    Hier ist mein Beitrag!
    Liebe Grüße und
    „Happy Stamping“ 🙂

  45. Chrissi said

    Hi everyone, so it´s my first ATC at Think Monday – Think ATC. So here they are – my Uncles
    Hallo, hier mein erster Beitrag für TMTA – das sind sie, meine Onkels…

  46. Chrissi said

    hier the BLOG :

  47. Sandy said

    Here is my first entry:

  48. SusiR said

    Here is my entry for this week:

  49. Here’s my atc – thank you for looking 🙂

  50. SusiR said

    Here is one more entry:

  51. 4x4friday said

    Here’s mine:

  52. Cora said

    Here are my entries for this week.

  53. Cora said

    Sorry, Here is my entry.

  54. Xela said

    Hallo zusammen

    hier sind meine Beiträge

    l.G. Xela

  55. tina46 said

    ich bin dabei. macht richtig spaß. danke für das thema

  56. nina said

    Hi! Wanted to share that I have a new blog:

    Here’s my contribution for this week as well as my tardy one for last week. =)

  57. Louise said

    Well, one of my favorite subjects certainly! Here’s my entry:

  58. Angelika said

    Hier kommt mein beitrag für diese Woche:

    LG Angelika

  59. Xela said

    ich habe noch ein paar Männer mehr gemacht

    l.G. Xela

  60. blauer Mohn said

  61. Great theme again. My contribution is here:-

  62. frickelfee said

    Unglaublich aber wahr….mein Beitrag nicht erst am letzten Tag…und dann auch noch 3 Stück….*lol*

  63. Suzan said

    Here’s mine–sorry it’s so late!

  64. Silvia said

    Es war mal wieder Nachtarbeit angesagt ;-)… Hier sind meine 3 Männer-ATCs:

    Liebe Grüße Silvia

  65. Saphira said

    Hier kommt mein Beitrag zum Thema „Männer“
    Kapitän Jack Sparrow

    Hoffe er gefällt Euch
    LG Saphira

  66. Rein said

    Hier ist mein 2. Beitrag:

  67. A hard theme for me, but enjoyed the challenge

    here is mine:

    LOve Sarah xx

  68. Leni said


    lg leni

  69. Vicki B said

    Sorry I didn’t have time to participate last week, just managed to get in this one for this week!

    Thanks for looking!
    Vicki B

  70. Nellie said

    Very late but here is my entry for this week

  71. Kagedfish said

    This is my first time entering. Hope you like

  72. Auf den allerletzten Drücker sind bei der Mekka-Bastelei auch noch passende ATCs angefallen


  73. Gerda said

    A litle late, but have been very busy at work, so this is my atc for the theme Men.

  74. Seona said

    A bit late again – sorry! Here is my entry this week

  75. Hi! I have been away and came home sick so I am using an ATC I made before. Not a very good scan either but here is the link:

    Regards, Debbi

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