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Posted by danisart - Februar 25, 2008

Obwohl wir keinen richtigen Winter hatten ist mir irgendwie ständig kalt. Deshalb habe ich mir wohl dieses Mal ein Thema gesucht was ich mit Wärme verbinde – gggggg. Diese Woche dreht sich alles um den Kontinent Afrika. Ob Landschaft, Tiere oder Menschen alles was Euch zu diesem Thema einfällt. Wir freuen uns schon auf eure Beiträge!!

Although we didn’t have a real winter, I’m kind of always freezing. This is probably why I chose a theme associated with heat this time *gggggg* This week is all about the African continent. Whether the landscape, animals, human beings, or any idea you come up with. We’re already looking forward to see your ATCs!!



69 Antworten to “Afrika”

  1. fatmasplace said

    ihr habt mich erfolgreich vom fensterputzen abgehalten;)

  2. kreativgeschwafel said

    Tolles Thema
    Hier mein ATC:

    @Fatma: du weißt doch:
    A clean house is a sign of a lazy stamper … also, wer braucht schon saubere Fenster *ggg*


  3. rainbowlady said

    Woo hoo I am early this week with my entry on my blog
    Thanks for looking

    hope you may also visit my new challenge blog at

    Love Cynthia x

  4. johanna said


    (fensterputzen – was ist das?;))

  5. Sija said

    Here is my entry:


  6. danisart said

    Here are mine

  7. Here is my ATC.
    Thanks for looking.

  8. manus said

    Ein sehr schönes Thema und so vielseitig. Hier ist mein Beitrag, vielen Dank fürs Schauen.

    Thanks for looking!

  9. Eija said


    Here is my Card!

  10. rein said

    Ein sehr schönes Thema,
    hier ist mein ATC

  11. Here are my artist trading cards for this week’s theme:

  12. lasize said

    ich habe heute das thema africa gemacht, und das ist fur mich
    immer ein thema das mir gefallt

  13. francispaul said

    Here is my entry:

  14. Hannie said

    Hier mein Beitrag

  15. Marina said

    Today I have a double entry, my daughter is joining too she is 12 years old.
    I hope you enjoy watching.

    Here is our entry.

  16. Paula said

    Wonderful entries so far, I had few suitable stamps.


  17. Barbara said

    Mine for the week.

  18. claudette said

    my entry

  19. rubita said

    Here is my entry

  20. Good Morning everyone! Here’s mine for today:

    Have a great week!

  21. Wow-tough one for me!LOL I found some stamps I handcarved for this theme 😉

  22. Claudine said

    My Think Monday ATC

  23. Jackie said

    My ATC is on my Blog !

  24. Donna said

    This is my first time participating in this challenge! Thank you for the theme! Here’s my link:

  25. Donna said

    I’m sorry – that was the wrong link…I don’t know what happened. Here is the correct link to my blog:

    Thank you for looking!

  26. Linda said

    Here’s mine…have a great week!

  27. Silvia said

    Klasse Thema, genau das richtige für „meine“ Farben 😉

  28. claudilue said

    hier kommt mein Beitrag:

  29. Caroline said

    Here’e mine…hope you enjoy!

  30. wil said

    Dit is vandaag mijn bijdrage.

  31. KnutzEls said

    Oh, I like this subject. It is so colourful. This is what I made for it:

  32. Jocelyne said

    Here are my two ATC’s

  33. Elizabeth said

    Hier ist mein Beitrag für diese Woche.

  34. filetta said

    here’s mine :

  35. Debi Wind said

    Here is my entry:

  36. susir01 said

    Here is my entry for this week:

    LG Susi

  37. ORsolya said

    …ich hatte eine farm in afrika:

  38. Cora said

    Here is my entry for this week.

  39. Cora said

    Here is my 7 year old daughter Michaela’s entry.
    We had so much fun making these this evening.

  40. […] mijn bijdrage voor TMTA: Africa. Here my entry for TMTA: […]

  41. Hi here is my entry:
    Warm regards Hermine

  42. Lyneen said

    I got one finished today… didn’t think I would have time… thanks for another great challenge!!!

  43. annikki said

    Here is „My Afrika“:

  44. This is my entry for this week

  45. Janny said

    Here is my entry.

  46. I don’t have a single African-themed stamp, but I made this ATC:

    Thanks for looking and leaving me a comment!

  47. Ingrid said

    hier ist mein ATC!

  48. carla said

    here are my atc’s for the Africa-theme.

  49. Here is mine :

  50. Aino said

    Here is my card.

  51. Bianca said

    Here is my atc:

  52. livia said

    Here is my late (sorry) submission:

  53. Here’s mine:

  54. Yitte said

    Here’s mine. Great theme this week!!

  55. Barbara B. said

    Hier meine Afrika ATCs

  56. Nancy P said

    This is my first submission to your challenge site:

    Nancy P

  57. “An exellent post on a good blog, you can make some money with your blog, like me at“

  58. Hier ist mein beitrag zum Thema – here are my african ATC.

  59. Ros said

    Not a lot of time this week, so it had to be a quick atc. Not nearly as good as the examples shown!! Aren’t they fab!?

  60. Angenita said

    I had a hard time to come up with an idea for this theme. This is what I made of it.

  61. Jolande said

    A little bit late this week, but here is my entry, a collage of fabric and magazine pictures.

    Greetings from Jolande

  62. Hier ist mein Beitrag für diese Woche:

    LG, Bine

  63. Gerda said

    this is my submission for this week:

  64. Nan said

    Here’s my entry for this week’s challenge


  65. Here is my effort this week:-

  66. Plufke said

    Here is my entry for this week:

  67. Jora said

    I also made an Afrika-ATC.
    You can see it here:

    Thanks for looking! Jora.

  68. Beth said

    I little late but here’s mine! Great theme by the way! xx

  69. aimeslee said

    Hi, I’m late for this, but I celebrated my „13th“ birthday (in leap years) this weekend. So you can see it here:
    Giraffe in Africa

    Thanks for the great challenge site – I just found you but will participate when I can!

    hugs from Aimeslee

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