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Frauen in der Kunst – Women in Art

Posted by Clau - Mai 19, 2008

Angeregt durch dieses faszinierende Video ( möchte ich die Frauen in der Kunst zum Thema dieser Woche machen. Lasst euch davon inspirieren, oder von Portraits, die euch berührt haben, oder vielleicht gibt es ja auch eine Lieblingsmalerin, die ihr auf einem ATC darstellen wollt.

This fascinating video ( prompted me to make women in art the challenge of this week. Let yourself get inspired by it, or by portraits that touched your heart, or maybe there’s a favourite painter you’d like to show on an ATC.


70 Antworten to “Frauen in der Kunst – Women in Art”

  1. Clau said

    Good morning everybody,

    Here’s my entry:

    Have a great week!

  2. Sandy said

    What a amazing Theme.
    I´m a Fan of Frida. Here is my ATC.
    Thanks for looking.

  3. femmy said

    mine is here

  4. kreativgeschwafel said

    tolles thema – hier mein atc dazu:

  5. mamapia said

    Was für ein geniales Thema – hier ist mein ATC:


  6. […] thema bij TMTA is: Woman in Art. New theme at TMTA is: Woman in […]

  7. sija said

    Here is my entry:


  8. Alie Helder said

    Here’s my entry

  9. anneke said

    here is my entry for today

  10. […] mijn bijdrage voor TMTA: women in art. Here my entry for TMTA: women in […]

  11. Anne S. said

    Here is my ATC
    Thank you for looking!

  12. Hi,
    Here is my entry:
    Warm regards Hermine

  13. johanna said

    i suppose there are more to come… 🙂
    but let´s start:

  14. Leila said

    Here is my entry

  15. johanna said

    please click at my name to find my entry on my blog.
    seems my link went into the spam…

  16. Astrid said

    Loved this theme! My chosen artist is Laurel Burch.
    You can see my contribution on my blog

  17. Cora said

    Here is my entry.

  18. Claudine said

    my challenge Women in art

  19. Louise said

    I had such fun with this one — thanks!

  20. johanna said

    i made 3 more… please click my name to find my blog, thanks:)

  21. Jolande said

    I couldn’t figure out if this challenge was about a female artist or a woman on a piece of art (perhaps both were ok) so I choose the last.
    For my ATC a used the picture ‚Flamenco Dancer‘ from Vladimir Kush.

    Greetings from Jolande

  22. Here mine woman in art.

  23. Dumdum said

    Here’s my entry:

    Edith Södergran was a well-known pioneer of the modern poetry in Finland in 1920’s.

  24. My „PAULA“ you will find here…

  25. Dumdum said

    This time I chose Edith Södergran to be the star in my ATC 🙂
    She was the one and only pioneer of the modern poetry in Finland in 1920’s.

  26. Marina said

    This is my most favorite Theme ever, please visit my Blog and you will understand why.
    On my blog don`t forget to scroll all the way down, so can read and see it all.

    My entry,

  27. Pianca said

    I choose a woman on a piece of art.
    For my ATC a used the picture ‘Lady with a Fan’ from Velasquez.

    My entry:

    Thanks for looking:)

  28. fatmasplace said

    „gg“ an Frida denken heute wahrscheinlich ganz viele, ich hab das thema „frei“ gestaltet;))

  29. claudette said

    my entry….Judith Leyster(1609-1660)

  30. Willy said

    Here is my ‚Frida in Art‘:

  31. ansku said

    My card here:

  32. Hilmof said

    Wasn’t sure about this them – but here goes- here is my entry

    Thanks for looking

  33. My choose is Maria Wiik, who was Finish painter in the 1800.

  34. Caroline said

    Yahoo I finaly found time to play again…

    great topic…

    Hope you enjoy…thanks Caro

  35. filetta said

    Please look at my blog ! I choose Camille Claudel ! thanks for looking

  36. Caroline said

    I used Venus of Urbino…please check out my blog


  37. Willy said

    My Frida in Art is here

  38. Mertzi said

    Here is mine!

  39. Jella said

    Women in Art

  40. Besser spät als nie …
    Hier ist mein Beitrag

    Thanks for looking

  41. Besser spät als nie …
    Hier ist mein Beitrag
    Leider wieder ohne link . Bitte schaut auf meinen Blog . Please look at my blog , sorry the linkk doesnt work.

    Thanks for looking

  42. Linda said

    Great challenge again this week…here’s mine:

    Miss Potter

  43. hastingshall2 said

    Very lovely.

  44. Please click on my name to check out my ATC on my blog. Thanks!

    (sorry…I still cannot link!)

  45. Moni said

    Hier ist mein ATC.
    Danke für’s schauen.

  46. rein said

    Hier ist mein Beitrag:

  47. Mimiko said

    Here’s my Venus:

  48. Théalie said

    Thème très vaste et sympathique, voici ma réalisation :


  49. rein said

    My entry is on my blog.

  50. Barbara B. said

    Hier die Frau, die mich fasziniert und beeinflußt hat.

  51. Mari said

    This is a great theme!
    I had to make two atc’s, you’ll find them here:

  52. Arja L said

    Here is my entry

  53. Wanda H said

    I have my entry done

  54. here is my entry it’s on my
    atcmondo blog
    ciao joan in italy

  55. aino said

    Here is my woman in art.Thank you for looking.

  56. Jann said

    Here is my entry for the week:

  57. My „Woman in Art“ is Dorothea Lange, photographer. see my entry here:
    thank you for hosting a great challenge.

  58. Ksiop said

    I’ve done mine .. chosen Frida too. You can see it at :
    Hugs from France,

  59. magickdiva said

    Here’s mine

  60. danisart said

    Hallo Mädels,
    boh sooooo viele schöne Beiträge ich bin begeistert

    hier ist meiner

  61. I enjoyed this so much – here’s mine

  62. pink rose said

    Here is my entry.
    Please look at my blog.

  63. mein beitrag für euch
    liebe grüße

  64. artbycharly said

    Mein Beitrag für euch!
    LG Charly

  65. artbycharly said

    upps nochmal mit dem link sry
    LG Charly

  66. Nan said

    Here’s my ATC

  67. A little bit close to the deadline(!!) but hedre is mine:

  68. rubita said

    Here’s my ATC ;

  69. LouveBleue said

    Yes !!! just at time ! Here is my entrie

  70. And here’s mine….just in time!!!

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