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Türme + Säulen – Towers + Columns

Posted by Daniela Rogall - Juni 2, 2008

Daniela Rogall - Säulen/Türme

Viele Städte haben Türme und Säulen als Sehenswürdigkeit. In Berlin haben wir gleich mehrere davon, den Funkturm, den Fernsehturm und die Siegessäule. Paris bietet uns den Eiffelturm an, Pisa den schiefen Turm. So könnte man die Liste fortführen. Also fordere ich euch diese Woche heraus, euren Lieblingsturm zu zeigen und bin gespannt welche Kreationen und Türme uns durch die Woche begleiten 🙂

A lot of cities feature towers and columns as places of interest. In Berlin, for instance, we have several of them, the radio tower, the television tower, the victory column. Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Pisa the Leaning Tower. There’s no end to this list. I therefore challenge you this week to show us your favourite tower and I look forward to see which creations and towers we’ll get to see this week 🙂


58 Antworten to “Türme + Säulen – Towers + Columns”

  1. mein beitrag für euch 🙂
    einen schönen tag

  2. Sandy said

    Great Theme, here is mine. TFL.

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  4. Hi,
    here my entry:
    Warmr egards

  5. Leila said

    Here is my entry

  6. anneke said

    here is my entry for today

  7. Pianca said

    Here is my entry

    Thanks for looking:)

  8. Cora said

    Here is my entry.

  9. Claudine said

    My challenge: to see clicking on my name

  10. Wow, nice theme – love this challenge… Here is my entry for this week… Wishing all of you a nice and sunny day…

    Yours, Heike ;o)

  11. Arja L said

    Here is my favorite tower!

  12. […] thema bij TMTA is: Torens. New theme at TMTA is: […]

  13. sija said

    Here is my entry:


  14. claudilue said

    Hier ist mein Beitrag

  15. I just managed to make this before I`m off to work. My tower is a piece of Big Ben. Thanks a lot for looking at this one, wish you all a very nice day!

  16. Astrid said

    Great theme, mine’s on my blog

  17. rein said

    hier ist mein Beitrag:

  18. Jolande said

    My entry for this week: Taipei 101 in Taiwan.
    We visited that tower 2 months ago and I use a picture for the background.

    Greetings from Jolande

  19. wil said

    My is on my blog.

  20. fatmasplace said

    kleines bildungsprogramm diese woche? super
    biete zwei türme;)

  21. Bettie said

    There’s is no coincidence! This morning I was in Amsterdam and made a picture of the Westertoren. Coming home I saw this challenge. So… here’s my tower.

  22. kreativgeschwafel said

    hier kommen meine türme:

  23. Kim said

    Hi All,

    Love the theme this week.

    Here is mine

  24. claudette said

    Here is mine:

  25. hastingshall2 said

    Here is my entry. Faye

  26. Marina said

    My entry for this week, my choice is a famous tower in Londen.

  27. Mimiko said

    Here’s my tower:

  28. Plufke said

    my entry:

  29. Linda said

    Another great challenge – Thank you X
    Mine is here:-

  30. mamapia said

    Hier ist mein Beitrag- cooles Thema!!

    Danke fürs schauen.

  31. Hilmof said

    Great theme here is mine

  32. Jann said

    Here is my ATC!

  33. Linda said

    What a fun theme again this week! Here’s mine:



  35. Kein neues, aber ein Doppel-ATC.
    No newone, but a double-ATC.

  36. Barbara B. said

    Hier meine ATCs

  37. Here are my creations for this week’s theme:

  38. Oops!! Typo!! Let’s try that again!! heehee!!

  39. Here’s mine for this week:

  40. Debi Wind said

    Here is my entry:

  41. laury55 said

    here is my entry

  42. Clau said

    Here’s my entry:

  43. LouveBleue said

    Here’s mine

  44. Penny said

    great theme, here’s mine

  45. Carole said

    This is my first entry into this challenge, and only my second ATC ever. Thanks for looking!

  46. ~*~ Patty said

    Here are my church towers; thank you for stopping by:

  47. Danielle said

    This is a great theme!
    Here is mine for this week: Towers and Columns.

  48. Annchen said

    It’s time to come back 🙂
    Great theme .. !!

  49. Here’s mine for this week………….

  50. My first time entering here, hope you like it! Thanks for a fun challenge.


  51. tinasflickwerk said

    Here is my entry

  52. KnutzEls said

    The ultimate tower for me is on my weblog. Thanks for looking.

  53. […] TMTA’s challenge for the week was the theme “towers”.  Mine is taken from the historical archives of a small town in Kentucky, in Perry county.  My dad grew up around that area and it is dear to my heart.  My ATC depicts a postman travelling on horseback through the muddy streets of the town, a group of school children and their school master, a letter from a man who was taking photos in the area and fell in love with the beauty of the mountains and, overshadowing all, the Hazard, Kentucky water tower — all around the turn of the 20th Century. › […]

  54. It’s been a busy week and I’m finally here with my „towers“ entry. I seem to get wrapped up in research sometimes when I get an idea like this. It had to be authentic images for me, or it just wouldn’t do! Thanks for taking a look.

  55. Here is my tower-ATC! Thank you for looking!!
    Gunn Marit

  56. sam21ski said

    Here’s mine – not very original I’m affraid!!!

  57. Here is my Italian entry
    Love Cynthia x

  58. Nan said

    Well, I seem to have gone in the opposite direction and used an actual column in my piece, as opposed to the Eiffel Tower or other buildings. Ah well.

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