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    Erlaubt ist was gefällt. Gestaltet ein ATC, eine Karte oder eine Journaling-Seite, Hauptsache ein handgefertigtes Werk von Euch!!!

    We are ATC enthusiastics wishing to create a project together with you every Monday to fill our everyday's live with even more creativity. We'd be happy to see you participating!

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    Anything is allowed, a card, a picture, a page from your journal, or even something sewn. Most important is that it is creative, handmade and made by you.

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Posted by danisart - Juli 7, 2008

Diese Woche wollen wir es super farbenfroh und bunt haben !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gestaltet ein buntes ATC und laßt es vor Farbenpracht nur so strahlen. Wir freuen uns auf ein farbiges Spektakel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week we want to see gaudy and colourful ATCs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make a varicouloured ATC that’s really shining. We can’t wait to see your blaze of colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


78 Antworten to “BUNT – COLOURFUL”

  1. Sandy said

    Hi all. Wow this is a great Theme. Love this.
    Here is my ATC, thanks for looking.

  2. Bettie said

    I really like this theme. Hope you can see that. My entry in on my blog.

  3. Barbara B. said

    Was für ein schönes Thema. Dies bleibt sicher nicht die letzte ATC dazu!

  4. […] is mijn bonte Atc voor het thema bij TMTA. Here’s my colourful Atc for the challente at […]

  5. sija said

    Here’s my entry:


  6. Marina said

    Mijn kleurrijke ATC van deze week.
    My colorful ATC for this week.

  7. Anne S. said

    Here is my ATC
    Hope you like it!

  8. Great to be taking part again…

    loved this theme on such a rainy day.

  9. Arja L said

    Here is mine.

  10. Wow, I really enjoy having a colourful morning. My cards for this challenge are on my blog. Thanks for having a look.

  11. Here my colourful atc.
    Very nice theme!!!
    Thanks for looking.

  12. Claudine said

    to see my ATC colourful clicker on my name

  13. leni said

  14. My entry:

  15. johanna said

    wunderbares thema!!

  16. aino said

    Here are my colours. Thank you for looking.

  17. My entry is here ….

  18. leni said

    hier ist mein ATC

  19. Pam Barnes said

    Here is mine


  20. Louise said

    I’ll have to check out the other ATC’s to see just how colorful mine is, but it sure seems colorful to me:

  21. danisart said

    ….hier mein ATC

  22. hastingshall2 said

    I always think of the primary colors when I think of the word „colorful.“ Here is my entry.

  23. Sarah said

    Here’s mine:

  24. Lorraine said

    love all the colours .. I have made some colourful fabric ATCs for a change..on my blog

  25. Myriame said

    Here is my card:

  26. Deborah said

    Hi, this is my first time doing one of your challenges. Here is my ATC. I hope it is colourful enough!



  27. fatmasplace said

    „gg“ nicht wirklich schwer, wenn man ständig wie ich im farbeimer liegt;)

  28. Astrid said

    Mine’s on my blog
    Thanks for looking

  29. rein. said

    Hier ist nein ATC:

  30. Audrey Meijs said

    My entry is on my blog!


  31. Christine said

    My entry is on my blog.

  32. kreativgeschwafel said

    bunt ist schön … so sommerlich.
    hier ist mein beitrag:


  33. fabulous theme again this week.
    here’s mine

  34. ArtKat said

    Excellent theme this week – there are so many possibilities! Thanks for looking at mine 🙂

  35. Kristy said

    Here’s mine!

  36. Jeri Aaron said

    Here is my ATC

  37. Kelly said

    here is my

    colorful atc

  38. Dawn said

    Hi there
    This is my first visit here – so be gentle with me!!! is my ATC

  39. ~*~Patty said

    Here’s mine, thank you for another great challenge:

  40. Linda said

    I had great fun with this one – Thank you. My ATC is here:-

  41. laury55 said

    thanks for this week’s challenge…my ATC is on my blog

  42. Sharon said

    I really enjoyed today’s challenge.

    Here’s my atc …

    Thank you! 🙂

  43. KnutzEls said

    Here is my entry for this colourful theme.
    Thanks for looking on by weblog:

  44. shaz said

    I loved this weeks challenge, going now to look at everyones work
    heres mine this week, I hope you like it
    shaz xxx

  45. Willy said

    Here is my colourful ATC.

    Thanks for looking, Willy

  46. Sian said

    Thank you for another great theme. Here’s my bright and colourful ATC:

  47. Sue said

    I loved doing this one. Thank you for looking.
    Here’s mine

  48. Char said

    My colorful ATC is up. Hope it is colorful enough. Thank you.

  49. „Colorful“ contribution. To view, please click on my name above. Thanks and enjoy your week!

  50. Bianca said

    Here are my atc’s, thanks for looking!

  51. claudilue said

    Hier ist mein Beitrag:

  52. I think I may have gone into the spam box but I’ll try again
    great theme this week!

  53. Jolande said

    Here is my (late) entry for this week:

    Greetings from Jolande

  54. Carole said

    Here is my colorful ATC…“Dream in Color“. I appreciate you looking!

    Noteworthy Musings

  55. Carole said

    Sorry, I goofed on the blog address….

  56. fantastic theme!

  57. Letizia said

    Here is my Color Cat:

  58. Jackie said

    Here is my ATC with my favourite colours.

  59. Anita said

    You can see my entry on my blog:

  60. my third attempt at posting!

  61. gio said

    Here my interpretation of this beautiful theme.
    Thanks for looking!

  62. For once I am posting my ATC early in the week!! Thanks so much for including me in last week’s sampler! Made my day when I saw that.

  63. Dumdum said

    Thanks for looking 🙂

  64. Dinie said

    Here is my first T.M.T.A. atc !!!

  65. Hilmof said

    Very bright!!!!

    Here’s mine

  66. Debi Wind said

    Here is my entry:

  67. Simone said

    es hat Spaß gemacht.
    Hier ist mein Beitrag:

  68. Leila said

    Here is my ATC.
    Hope you like.


    Have a nice day!

  69. ansku said

    My card:

  70. Melanie R. said

    Here is mine! I tried this challenge using fabric – it was so fun!

  71. Melanie R. said

    It looks like the link didn’t post correctly…trying again.

  72. Mark said

    My two colourful ATCs are here:

    Thanks for looking!

  73. Color is POPULAR! Here’s my color ATC, Thanks for looking 🙂


  74. craftytrog said

    Colour is definitely very popular! My ATC is on my blog! :0)

  75. jasminduft said

    Here’s my ATC:

    Thanks for looking!

  76. FRancesca said

    Hi ich bin ganz neu ;.-))
    Hier ist meine atc:

  77. Roberta said

    Here my interpretation. Thanks!

    Ciao ciao

  78. anuckamuck said

    here’s mine

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