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Rot sehen – Seeing Red

Posted by Clau - Dezember 8, 2008

In dieser Woche möchten wir ganz viel Rot sehen – eine Farbe, die wir oft mit Weihnachten verbinden. Eure ATCs müssen aber nicht weihnachtlich sein. Macht doch einfach was ihr möchtet – Hauptsache Rot 🙂

We’d like to see a lot of red this week – a colour which we often associate with Christmas. Your ATCs do not have to be Christmas-related. Make what you want – but mainly red 🙂



68 Antworten to “Rot sehen – Seeing Red”

  1. Clau said

    Hi everybody,
    Here’s my ATC:
    Have a great week!

  2. Birgit said

    Okay, warning — this ATC is definitely not related to Christmas. 😉

    Happy creating,

  3. Sandy said

    Hi all.
    Here is my ATC, thanks for looking.

  4. Sandy said

    Hi all.
    Here is my ATC.
    Please klick on my Name for Direct Link.
    Thanks for looking.

  5. harriet said

    Please check my blog for my ATC. Thanks for looking!

  6. Christine said

    My ATC is on my Blog
    Thanks for looking!

  7. rein. said

    Hier ist mein ATC.

  8. Elizabeth said

    Mein ATC ist on my blog.

  9. Leila said

    Here are my cards.

  10. Hella said

    Hier ist mein ATC:
    loving you
    Thanks for looking!

  11. Birgit said

    And here’s Mimi whose favorite color was red:

  12. Hi, my red atc is on my blog!

  13. indybev said

    What a wonderful challenge! Red is such a festive color. Mine is on my blog.


  14. Louise said

    Here is my red ATC:

  15. indybev said

    Me again. I have no idea why the link isn’t working to my blog, but I have faith you will all get there!

  16. wil said

    My entry is on my blog
    Thanks for looking.

  17. Virginia said

    Another wonderful theme and fantastic sample.
    Mine is on My Blog
    Thanks for looking.

  18. johanna said

    please click on my name…

  19. fatmasplace said

    hier bin ich

  20. elisa said

    Today is Red the color of……
    Thanks for looking

  21. My red themed atc is on my blog….love this theme! Thanks for having a look.

  22. manus said

    Vielen Dank für das schöne Thema!
    Hier ist mein Beitrag:

    Thanks for looking!!

  23. Trudie said

    Here my ATC.
    Thanks for looking

  24. Astrid said

    Greta theme
    Mine is on my blog

  25. Gayle’s Art

  26. Kersten said

    Mine is posted to my blog – thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  27. Mimiko said

    Hi, mine’s here:

  28. Nancy B said

    Here is the link to my ATC for this week’s red challenge.

  29. lilipaon said

    here is my entry, almost red

  30. lorraine said

    love the mad looking elf stamp..I have gone ribbon mad for this one

  31. Here’s mine for this week:



  32. Judy said

    I was doing santas for my tree and saw your challenge. I HAD to do a red one! Here it is
    I may get enough ornaments for my tree yet! LOl. I love your site and challenges. HUGS

  33. Here is mine:

  34. Meylanie said

    Da ich die letzten Male wegen Grippe aussetzen musste, habe ich diesmal gleich 2 ATC gemacht. ;O)

    Zu finden sind sie hier:

    Gruss von Melanie <

  35. Gabi Mewi said

    Hier ist mein roter Beitrag…

  36. hastingshall2 said

    Here is my red ENTRY to the Seeing Red challenge for TMTA. With the new WordPress posting format, I can’t make my posted photos enlarge any longer. If someone knows how to remedy this, please let me know.

  37. Kelly said

    here is my red atc

  38. Millam said

    Red feast

    Thankyou for this great theme and thankyou for looking 🙂

  39. mamapia said

    this are my red atc’s.


  40. Edna said

    My first challenge for ages, my red ATC’s are on my blog.
    Here’s the Link

  41. Ariane said

    hier ist mein Beitrag:

  42. jasminduft said

    Here’s my modest contribution:

    Thanks for looking!

  43. Mark said

    Here are my two ATCs for this nice theme. Thanks for looking.

  44. Bianca said

    Here is mine:

  45. sally said


    My entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  46. Char said

    My entry is here. Thank you.

  47. Hello,

    Here is my „red“ submission this week – thanks for looking! Hugs, Peggi

  48. Shelly S. said

    Again, an older piece, but definitely red . . . and some gold, my favorite color combination.
    See it here:

    Happy holidays to all !!

  49. Hi all

    Mine’s on my blog

    Thanks for looking

  50. elisa said

    Today is Red!!
    here is another red
    thanks for looking

  51. Jann said

    Mine’s on my blog! This was fun-thank you!

  52. Hi,
    here is my red ATC :

    It’s a sewn ATC with a glamour girl faux postage.

    Thank you for looking !

  53. Barbara B. said

    Hier mein ROTt und der verspätete Steinengel.
    Ich hatte ihn vergessen einzusetzen, obwohl er fertig war.

  54. Vron said

    Here is mine

  55. ~*~Patty said

    Thank you for another fun challenge. Here is my Santa Baby ATC:

  56. Deborah said

    Hmmm, can an ATC be a different SHAPE, but the correct SIZE? I’ve tried 😉

  57. Ria said

    My offerings for this them, I had fun making these!

  58. alice k. said

    I am seeing red here!

  59. Here is my ATC for the theme ‚Seeing Red‘

  60. gio said

    Here my interpretation. It’s my favourite colour.
    Thanks for looking!


  61. dada said

    Hi, this is my red atc:


  62. Kimic said


    Here is my entry for this weeks challenge:

    Thank you so much for a great challenge.

  63. Dumdum said

    Thank you for a lovely challenge!

  64. My effort is here:-

  65. Carole said

    I’m extremely late with my piece this week.

    TIA for visiting by blog if you get the chance!

  66. Donna said

    I too am late with my ATC, but here it is. Thanks for the inspiration. You can view my piece @

  67. harpie38 said

    Here is a link to my ‚red‘ creation.

    Thanks for looking:-)


  68. hallo,
    ich mache das schlusslicht 🙂
    liebe grüße

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