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  • Think Monday – Think ATC

    Wir sind ATC - Begeisterte und wollen mit Euch jeden Montag gemeinsam ein Thema gestalten um noch mehr Kreativität in unseren Alltag zu bringen. Wäre schön Euch dabei zu haben!

    Achtung NEU!!!!!!
    Erlaubt ist was gefällt. Gestaltet ein ATC, eine Karte oder eine Journaling-Seite, Hauptsache ein handgefertigtes Werk von Euch!!!

    We are ATC enthusiastics wishing to create a project together with you every Monday to fill our everyday's live with even more creativity. We'd be happy to see you participating!

    Please pay attention !!! New!!!!

    Anything is allowed, a card, a picture, a page from your journal, or even something sewn. Most important is that it is creative, handmade and made by you.

  • So seid ihr dabei – How to participate

    Stelle deinen Beitrag auf deinem Blog, PT, HP etc... aus und schreibe dann einen Kommentar mit Link zu deinem Beitrag. Bitte verlinke uns auch auf deiner Seite.

    Post your contribution on your blog, PT, HP, etc... and leave a comment with a permanent link to your post. Please link us on your site as well.

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9 Antworten to “Impressum”

  1. Hello Ladies!!

    I love your challenge site! I have started a new site and am looking for a link exchange! We are we run a bit differently then yours where we feature artists and they choose the theme. Our first theme we had to choose to get us started. I have already added you to our blog and am looking for the same. If you would be so kind! Us challenge sites need to stick together! Come check us out!!
    Thanks so much!

  2. RubberStampMadness, a USA rubberstamping magazine features your website in our May/June issue in Surf City. Check out our web and directlink. You may notice more hits in the next few weeks! -Angela

  3. I have an award for you on my blog. I appreciate all the time and effort it takes to run challenge blogs! thank you!

  4. lilipaon said

    can you also add my adress at the blogroll ?

  5. lilipaon said

    I thank you very much to put my adress in the blogroll but I am known as LILIPAON, cinderella is my blog name

  6. lilipaon said

    thank you very much for changing my adress

  7. abby lazar said

    I’ve been trying to post my art for this week’s challenge and can’t seem to get it up. My art is on my blog at I’ve never had trouble before…I really enjoy participating in your challenges! 🙂

  8. samara said

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